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For a Unique Walkway – Choose a Flagstone Walkway

Pavers and brick walkways have become pretty commonplace in the western suburbs of Chicago. If you are looking for something just a little bit different, we suggest a natural flagstone walkway. Natural stones are normally limestone or slate and come in a variety of hues. The rough edges and natural breaks in the rock add a very natural and unique look to any yard or landscape.

What is a Flagstone?

Limestone flagstone walkways and path installation in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton. Flagstone is flat stone slabs of sedimentary stone. Due to the layered nature of the sedimentary stones, they make for great walking surfaces. Typically the flagstones are sold in large flat pieces that are broken off into smaller pieces to form a hardscape. We are lucky in the Chicago region because the areas around the Great Lakes are abundant with limestone. Limestone ranges in color from whites to yellows to grays and even black. The use of limestone in a landscaping setting adds a level of comfort and calmness.

What else can flagstone be used for?

Flagstone for stone patios and walkways in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton. Using the natural shapes and breaks of flagstone makes them very forgiving. This forgiveness allows for them to be used in a large variety of landscaping hardscapes. Flagstone walls, flagstone patios, and flagstone pool decks are all possible. Flagstone can also be used as highlights in xeriscapes.

If you are interested in adding a flagstone hardscape feature into your existing landscape, contact Best Way Landscaping today. Our landscaping consultants can help you design your flagstone feature, show you some samples, and make some suggestions.

Best Way Landscaping has been providing the Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, and Winfield areas with flagstone installation, landscaping installation, and landscaping design for over 10 years.