Make the outdoors your favorite room in the house

Paver Installation

Make your backyard your favorite hangout.

Best Way Landscaping specializes in landscape installation construction, design, and renovation. Over 20 years of experience serving homes and businesses in DuPage county has given us intimate knowledge of the various troubles people have with their landscapes. More than just planning and installing new trees and shrubs we can also help pick the right type of sod for that tough spot in the yard that never seems to grow or plan a cost-effective way to help prevent your yard from flooding.

See our landscaping services below.

We offer a full line of landscaping services
tailored to your needs...

Paver Patios

We can help design your landscape, or work with your landscape designer.

Natural Stone Patios

We can help keep your lawn and foundation dry.

Paver Sidewalks

Shade trees, evergreens, and ornamental trees...we plant them all.

Outdoor Kitchens

Help get your rainwater underground and away from the house.

Retention Walls

Get your lawn established quickly with sod or grass seed blanket installation

Paver Repair

Find the right service your lawn needs to stay healthy & flush.

Firepits & Fireplaces

Professional installation of plants and shrubs from local nurseries.

Gravel & Decorative Stone

Weekly and annual property and lawn maintenance services.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Your Dreamscape