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Best Way is the newest Techo Bloc Pro!


After a lengthy certification process, we are happy to announce that Techo Bloc has awarded us the title of Techo Pro. The path to becoming a Techo Pro required multiple visits from a Techo Bloc master installer to ensure that our crews always follow proper paver installation techniques and guidelines. 


We have always loved the modern clean lines of Techo Bloc pavers. Their quality is top-notch and their pricing is competitive. We have been installing Techo Bloc pavers and wall blocks for years. So, we are understandably excited at being bestowed the honor of being considered a Techo Pro. 


If you are looking for a paver patio or driveway in Wheaton or Glen Ellyn, give us a call. We can’t wait to come out and show you the full line of products offered by Techo Bloc.