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Landscape Patio Ideas from Around the Web

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Patio building ideas and inspiration for Glen Ellyn and Wheaton.

We love searching the web for inspiration for landscaping and patio ideas. Landscape pictures are like kitten pictures to us, we could look at them all day. Below are some of our favorite patio designs that we have seen. Hopefully, we will get to do something similar with one of your patios soon! read more →

For a Unique Walkway – Choose a Flagstone Walkway

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Flagstone walkways and path installation for Glen Ellyn and Wheaton.

Pavers and brick walkways have become pretty commonplace in the western suburbs of Chicago. If you are looking for something just a little bit different, we suggest a natural flagstone walkway. Natural stones are normally limestone or slate and come in a variety of hues. The rough edges and natural breaks in the rock add a very natural and unique look to any yard or landscape. read more →

Landscaping Trends 2015 – Herb Gardens

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Herb garden installation and landscaping for Wheaton and Glen Ellyn

Grow your own spices

Everyone knows that fresh is better. That is especially true when it comes to herbs and spices. With supermarket prices for fresh spices on the rise and the relatively short time that they “fresh” for, a lot of people are starting to grow their own herb gardens. read more →

Landscape Trends for 2015 – Patio Dining Rooms

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Paver Patio design and stone patio design.

For the past few years the patio has been evolving. No longer is it a space for a table, a few benches and an umbrella. The patio is now an extension of your kitchen or dining room. read more →