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Spring cleanup up time in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton

Spring Cleanup & Mulching from Best Way Landscaping.

Well we didn’t get much of a winter this year, but Spring Cleanups still need to be done! Do to the mild winter, we expect to start spring cleanups on March 14th this year. Please read all about Spring Cleanups and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get your Spring Cleanup scheduled.

Spring Clean Up Services

Our cleanup services can include any combination of the following; yard cleanup, debris removal, tree and plant pruning, flower bed cleanup and repair, mulching and fertilization, lawn aeration & dethatching, and over-seeding.

General Spring Cleanup

General Spring cleanup is the removal of branches and debris from your yard. Includes raking or blowing debris from the yard and flower beds. Removal includes loading up the debris and properly disposing it offsite.

Tree & Perennial Pruning

Sometimes trees and perennials are damaged over the winter. If you have suffered some damage we can trim, remove or replace any damaged trees or perennials.


Fresh mulch in the Spring helps to insulate your plants and shrubs during the Spring and Summer. It also helps to keep the weeds down.

Lawn Fertilization & Over-seeding

Fertilizing and seeding your lawn in the Spring helps the lawn come back stronger and faster.

Aeration and Dethatching

Aeration and dethatching open up your lawn and allow the grass to develop deeper root systems. These activities are perfect for Spring because the grass is about to start growing and there is normally plenty of rain to support root development.

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You will be emailed with your appointment date. If you need an estimate or have a questions, you will be contacted as soon as possible. Please call us at (630) 580-0026 or email to care@wheaton-landscaping.com if you need immediate attention.
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With Spring CleanupApril 15th-30thMayJuneNo Mulch


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