Tree trimming, pruning and planting are part of our total tree care.

At Best Way Landscaping we love taking care of trees. From tree planting to tree trimming and pruning, to tree removal – we love trees.

For your existing trees we offer seasonal tree trimming services and regular pruning services. Our tree care specialist are determined to keep your trees happy and healthy. Tree care can be added into a lawn maintenance plan or be a project all its own.

If you are looking to get new trees planted, we have you covered. We offer a wide variety of tree species, with most of them coming from local tree farms and nurseries. Our tree planting services include tree wrap and mulching to help your new tree thrive.

If you are interested in tree care or new tree planting, contact Best Way Landscaping today.

Project Details
  • Best Time to Plant Fall
  • Common IL Trees Birch, Ash, Oak, Walnut, Elm
  • Ornamental Trees Shadbush, Red Buckeye, Serviceberry, Dogwood
  • Tree Care Services Planting, Trimming, Mulching, Pruning, Removal