Lawn dethatching and overseeding services.

Seeding comes in two basic types; seeding a lawn from scratch and reseeding an existing lawn. Seeding a lawn from scratch is a less expensive alternative to installing sod. However, it typically takes a year for grass seed to reach its true potential. When seeding a new lawn you get a chance to level your lawn, remove holes and depressions, and hand select the type and blend of grass you want to grow.

Overseeding on the other hand is a fairly easy and affordable yearly maintenance activity that can keep your lawn plush and healthy. At Best Way, we typically combine dethatching with overseeding. Dethatching opens up your lawn’s thatch allowing for the new seeds to get to the soil and properly take root. Our industrial equipment allows us to dethatch and slit seed your lawn with new grass seeds. This combination is commonly used by golf courses to maintain thick and full grass.

Project Details
  • Best Season to Plant Fall
  • Second Best Season Spring
  • Best Season for Overseeding Spring
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