Paver landscaping retention walls and stone landscape retention wall installation.

Retention walls or retaining wall separate dirt or soil from other landscape features. They can be used to create breaks in sloping hills or to create raised flower beds or other landscape features. Retaining walls can be build out of almost any solid material from wood to poured concrete, however our materials of choice for retaining wall construction are paver bricks and stone. Paver retaining walls offer good stability and have a fairly small footprint. They allow for easy uniform installation and offer a wide variety of colors and textures which, adds curb appeal to any property.

Retaining walls are most often use as decorative accents for landscapes, but can also be useful in improving drainage and controlling water runoff.

As experienced paver and stone retention wall contractors we are able to handle your retaining wall construction project from start to finish. Our consultants can show you samples of the many shapes, colors, types, and patterns of paver bricks and stone that are available.  They will also provide you with a written estimate or quote for your landscaping retention wall project.

If you are interested in learning more about installing a paver or stone retaining wall at your home or business, please contact us.

Project Details
  • Retaining Wall Materials Concrete, block, pavers, stone, stone veneer, boulders, poured concrete, slat wood
  • Paver Colors Grays, reds, blacks, blues, yellows, blends, monotone
  • Other Stones Stepping stones, flagstones, limestones