Paver driveways are driveways that are constructed use paver bricks or concrete pavers. They are very durable driveways that can last up to 30 years or more with proper maintenance. The wide array of paver and stones that are available for use make paver driveways very unique and can be matched to almost any home or landscape.

The use of paver driveways in Chicagoland is advantageous because the large number of bricks and use of polymeric sand allows for movement during the freeze and thaw cycles we experience. This prevents the cracking that you so often see in asphalt and concrete driveways in the area. Upkeep is fairly minimal and normal involves refilling sand in the joints, washing the bricks, and applying sealant every few years.

As experienced paver driveway contractors we are able to handle your new paver driveway project from start to finish. Our consultants can show you samples of the many shapes, colors, types, and patterns of paver bricks that are available.  They will provide you with a written estimate or quote for your paver or stone driveway project.

If you are interested in learning more about installing a paver driveway at your home or business, please contact us.

Project Details
  • Types of Pavers Concrete, brick, granite, stone
  • Paver Colors Grays, reds, blacks, blues, yellows, blends, monotone
  • Paver Patterns Stack bond, 90-degree, basket-weave,circle fan , herringbone
  • Other Stones Stepping stones, flagstones, limestones