Natural stone and stepping stones for patios and hardscapes. Landscaping., sales and installation for Wheaton and Glen Ellyn IL.

Natural stone pavers are a sub-set of pavers. They typically come from sedimentary rocks such as limestone and sandstone or metamorphic stone like slate. These stones are particularly well suited for areas like Chicagoland with cold winters. Due to the process that formed them, these stones are particularly strong, more water resistant and also match the native landscape of Chicagoland. We differentiate flagstone or fieldstone from natural stone by considering natural stone pavers to when the stone is cut into square or rectangle blocks. We save the term flagstone for stones with natural rough breaks.

Natural stone works wonderfully in a wide range of hardscapes including; natural stone patios, natural stone driveways, natural stone walkways and natural stone retaining walls. If you are interested in learning more about the different types of natural stone or our natural stone contractor and installation services, please contact us.


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