Mulching and mulch installation for Wheaton and Glen Ellyn.

Mulch is a wonderful addition to any landscape. In addition to adding color and texture to a landscape it also helps protect the roots of your flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. Mulch is laid on top of bare soil to protect top soil and vegetation. Other benefits of mulch installation are; increased water retention, weed prevention, weed control, and insulation from the cold.

In the Chicagoland area mulch can be applied pretty much year round. However, spring and fall mulchings are the most important. Spring mulch installation helps to warm the soil for growth and prevent weed growth. Fall mulch installation helps to protect plants during the cold winter months.

If you are interested in a professional mulch installation or want to add mulching to your lawn maintenance package, please contact us.

Project Details
  • Mulch Types Wood Chip, Compost, Straw, Gravel
  • Benefits Moisture retention, weed control, root protection
  • Related Service Hand weeding, flower bed installation, edging, lawn maintenance
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