Lawn edging is part of our lawn maintenance services.

Lawn edging is creating a barrier between your lawn from your hardscapes (walkways, driveways, etc…). We use power edgers to create dramatic and clean edges between your landscape features. We offer lawn edging in all of our lawn maintenance packages above the basic package.

Unlike mowing or trimming, lawn edging is one preformed once a month instead of on a weekly basis. We do it on a weekly basis to make sure that your lawn has time to recover from the edging and form a solid thatch. Spacing out time between edgings is essential to maintaining the crispness of the edges.

If you are interested in adding edging to your existing lawn maintenance package, or want to start a lawn maintenance plan that includes lawn edging, please contact us today.

Project Details
  • Service Period Late March to Early November
  • Related Services Lawn Mowing, trimming, blowing, dethatching, overseeding
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