Sod installation and care from Aurora to Chicago.

Sod is an excellent and almost instant solution to transform bare soil into a beautiful lawn. Normally sod installation is chosen for new properties and in cases of extreme wear (such as sport fields). However, sod can used for almost any application on any ground type.

The benefits of sod include; shorter time for rooting (about 10 days), better weed resistance, better groundwater retention, and an instant cooling effect.

The drawbacks of sod are mainly limited to cost. Sod is more expensive than seeding.

Best Way Landscaping has experience dealing with Chicago suburban soil types and can help recommend and install the proper sod type for your yard. All of our sod is locally sourced and professionally installed by our staff.

Project Details
  • Best Season Fall
  • Second Best Spring
  • Root Time 10 days - 3 weeks
  • Common Types Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Tall and Fine Fescue, Blends
  • Common Weeds crabgrass, dandelions
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