Flower bed construction and installation.

Few things can bring excitement and beauty to a home or business like a tasteful flower bed. Our trained experts can help you select the perfect compliment of flowers or shrubs to keep your property in bloom from Spring till Fall.

At Best Way Landscaping we can help design a flower bed, aide material and plant selection, and build the flower bed. After construction is complete we can even include mulching and weed pulling to your weekly lawn maintenance plan.

Typical materials for a flower bed are pavers, stones, and wood. However, flower beds can also be built using concrete and even dirt.

Project Details
  • Seasons Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Building Materials Pavers, Bricks, Stone, Wood
  • Illinois Flowers Coneflowers, Lenten Rose, VA Bluebells, Geraniums, Black-eyed Susans, Allium, Sedums
  • Other Options Grasses, Shrubs, Herbs