Decorative flagstone and stepping stones for patios and hardscapes. Landscaping., sales and installation for Wheaton and Glen Ellyn IL.

Flagstones are large flat pieces of sedimentary stone. Their natural appearance and flatness makes them ideal for creating beautiful hardscapes and landscape features. They are typically over-sized and placed with natural broken edges in tact to give a more natural and raw appearance. While flagstones can be the most expensive of pavers, they also create the most for the most dynamic appearances.

Typical flagstone rock types include; limestone, sandstone, travertine, slate and bluestone. In the Chicagoland area limestone is the most common type of flagstone. We are blessed with large limestone formations meaning most of our flagstone is locally sourced and works perfect in native landscapes.

Flagstone works wonderfully in a wide range of hardscapes including; flagstone patios, flagstone driveways, flagstone walkways, flagstone stairs and flagstone retaining walls. If you are interested in learning more about the different types of flagstone or our flagstone contractor and installation services, please contact us.

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