Decorative stone and decorative rocks for landscaping. Sales and installation for Wheaton and Glen Ellyn IL.

Decorative rocks and decorative stones are commonly used in landscaping hardscapes. They have a wide variety of uses from mulch to walkways. At Best Way Landscaping we use an assortment of decorative stones and rocks, so finding decorative stone to match your landscape is a breeze.

Common decorative stones and rocks ranges from the more decorative like; marble stone, river rock, and lava rock to the more mundane gravel and brick chips. Depending on the intended use of the decorative stones and existing landscape feature, we can help you select the right rock for your property.

If you are interested in learning more about the different types of decorative rocks or our decorative stone installation services, please contact us.


Project Details
  • Decorative Rock Types volcanic rock, crushed rock, river rock, marble stone, brick chips, gravel
  • Decorative Rock Uses Rock mulch, stone pathways, gravel pathways, gravel back-fill