Premium Bluegrass Sod Pricing and Sod Installation Pricing

green-lawnBest Way Landscaping offers premium sod installation for your home or business.

As professional sod installers we take the quality of our work to heart. Our staff take the time to make sure that your land is properly prepared. Effective and proper sod installation is required to give your the sod the best chance of growing in to a plush and vibrant lawn.

Our Key is Sod of the Highest Quality

No matter how much care we take in prepping your land or in laying sod, the truth is our sod looks amazing, because we use amazing sod. We offer both 100% bluegrass sod and bluegrass fescue blended sod. All of our sod is grown locally and comes weed and pest free.

Chicago Area Residential and Commercial Sod Installation

We offer residential sod installation throughout the Chicago suburbs for projects of almost any size. We offer tear out and replacement sod and sod installation for new construction. If you are looking for professional sod installation, give us a call and let us show you the Best Way.

We also do commercial sod installation and real estate sod installation. Discounts are given for large sod projects and multi-location projects.


Bluegrass Fescue Blend Sod

A blend of Bluegrass and Fescue grass for higher traffic areas.
$0.40 per sq ft
  • Sod Only: $0.40/sq ft
  • Installed Sod: $0.85 – $1.55/sq ft
  • Roll Size: 10 square feet
  • Color: Deep Green
  • Traffic: Medium to High Traffic
  • Upkeep: Low to Medium
  • Available: Early to Mid-April
  • Soil Prep: Starting in March
  • Growth: Medium
  • Mow Height: Medium
  • Cold Tolerance: Very High
  • Sun Exposure: Medium
  • Sod delivery prices vary by location.
  • Discounts for large orders

Seeding and Overseeding

For those that want to complement their existing lawn.
  • Overseeding
  • Seeding
  • Soil Prep
  • Many seed varieties
  • Can be combined with aeration or dethatching
  • Cost based on labor time and seed cost
  • Labor rate: $55 per man hour

Please note that sod cost rise and fall based on growth rate. Bad weather and fuel price changes can large impacts on sod costs. Please call for the most current prices, as they may change without notice. 

All sod installation pricing can vary greatly depending on the amount of labor and material needed to properly prepare the soil for sodding. For an exact sod installation estimate for your sod project, please contact us. Sod installation charges may change without notice.